Wednesday, 14 September 2011

The Mirror (part 1)

What we see in the mirror is a reflection of our projection
The light on deception, the key to inception 
Is awareness and in fairness the essence of our affliction
If we can see from each position and breath deep with clean precision
Analyse through our eyes to the sky's our solar mission 
Then we can polarise and energise and shed light on superstition 
Find fight from deep inside, realise our intuition

Some might see in the mirror a rejection of their affection 
But with out awareness and connection this reality is a detention 
A temporary penitentiary from an incredible dimension 
From a beauty no word could possibly ever mention 
So look deep.. deep inside the eyes in the mirror
Accept all the tears as the light makes them glimmer
Release all the poison and flow like a river
Transparent like water, ignore all the snakes as they sliver
Because the hate makes us quiver and slide in to our shells
Its time to break free and ignite our true selves....

to be continued....

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